Katepwa Lake Trans Canada Trail

The Katepwa Lake Trans Canada Trail is part of the longest recreational trail in the world now known as The Great Trail.

In 1998, with the support of the District of Katepwa Council, a strong group of local volunteers began building the Katepwa Lake Trans Canada Trail. Proudly, it has grown to become a 12+km trail , partially paved, extending from the south end of Katepwa Lake to Sandy Beach, following highway 56 along the east side of the lake.  As a four season trail, it is maintained to a high level of excellence and is a successful, busy, key asset within the District.

Volunteers currently work to increase and improve the quality and safety of the Trail, to add more signage and wayfinding, and to ensure the Trail is inclusive.  We are a non-profit charity.  If you wish to make a donation to support this work here is a link to the donation form……. (donation form here)

The Trail provides a free, multi-use pathway linking all the recreational areas in the District and providing access to all ages and abilities.  The Trail is primarily a hiking and cycling trail but includes some motorized recreational vehicle use.   Visitors can access a parking lot at the corner of highway 56 and Regina Avenue at the entrance to the Katepwa Point Provincial Park.  Users will enjoy an enhanced recreational experience as they encounter native plants, animals and birds as well as our rich historical sites and beautiful vistas.