Bylaws and Policy


District of Katepwa Official Community Plan

District of Katepwa Zoning Bylaw

Other Bylaws

Calling Lakes District Plan


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Respectful Outdoor Lighting Program

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  • Lighting Guidelines – Q&A
  • Background, Guidelines and Illustrations of Fixtures
  • Color Temperature Chart


Concerns and Complaints

All concerns and complaints relating to The District of Katepwa must be submitted to our administration office in writing with a signature. Written notices help staff process complaints, whether they are related to bylaw infractions or other concerns. Complaints that are forwarded to council must be signed by the complainant before the matter is discussed by council. A Bylaw Complaint Form can be found here.
Bylaw Complaint Form

Golf Cart Bylaw

In order to clarify why the District adopted a Golf Cart Bylaw I wish to provide the following information:

It is illegal to drive golf carts on municipal or provincial roads and without the District approving the bylaw it would still be illegal to drive a golf cart anywhere on municipal or provincial roads.

In 2014 SGI made a number of legislative and regulatory changes around golf carts and power-assisted bicycles and defined golf carts in the regulations for The Traffic Safety Act, this then allows municipalities to pass bylaws governing the use of golf carts on roads and highways to travel to and from a golf course. The Bylaw is subject to SGI review and approval.