Breese Park 2023 Development

At the heart of this project lies the idea of creating a welcoming community where families, friends, and neighbours can come together to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. This project will provide us with opportunities to foster a sense of community, promote healthy living, and improve the overall quality of life in our village.


We have introduced the various subcommittees that will oversee the development of this project, including the ice skating rink, splash park, community gardens, off leash dog park and bbq areas. Each of these subcommittees will play a pivital role in shaping the direction of this project , and we are excited to see everyone’s creative ideas come to life.

We believe that this project has the potential to become a true gem in our community, one that we can all be proud off. So, lets dive in, share our thoughts and ideas, and work together towards creating a recreational space that will leave a lasting impact on our community.

We would like to thank everyone that has put their name forward for the subcommittee to date. We can't wait to get started!

There is still time to step forward and be a part of this great project.  If you want to be involved please contact the office at or give us a call at (306) 332-6645.