Other Trails

In addition to the TransCanada Trail, there are three other trails near the lake, see Map of Katepwa Non-TransCanada-Trail Trails. All are located on road allowances and have an elevation gain of 50 m from the valley bottom to the prairie on top.

  • Cutout Coulee provides a wonderful lake view and is the shortest and most central (500 m return, hiking time of 10 to 20 minutes, 600 m from main beach parking lot). It is within the boundaries of the Village of Katepwa. Parking is nearby in the overflow beach lot (near the disc golf course).
  • Hillside Nature passes through peaceful forests, also has a lake view and is longer (4.5 km return, hiking time of 1 to 2 hours). It is located in the RM of Abernethy 186 with the trailhead on the NE corner of the intersection of Highway 56 and grid road 619 to Balcarres. There is no parking nearby.
  • South Katepwa is the longest, provides a gentle grade, passes through forests and also provides spectacular forest views. It’s length is described below. It is located in the RM of Indian Head 156. Parking is across the highway at the tennis courts.

Cutout Coulee and Hillside Nature are signed and described on the map here: Interior of Katepwa Nature Trail Brochure from the 2000 brochure, available from the Village of Katepwa office.

South Katepwa is unsigned and has been given less formal recognition. The trailhead is 300 m from the tennis courts but unfortunately requires crossing highway 56 to get there. The grade is gentle enough for those who cannot manage the steep terrain of Cutout Coulee and Hillside Nature. This also makes it suitable for mountain bikes and ATV’s. It has been speculated that this was one of the original roads down from the prairie to the lake before highway 56 was built.

To hike to the top of the valley through the beautiful, forested coulee and return is 6 km (hiking time 1 1/2 to 3 hours). It is also possible to continue west along the road allowance and north on the grid road at the top of the valley and return to the tennis courts either east using highway 56 (7 km total loop) or north and north east on the Brown Hill road to Lakeside Park Limited and Lakeside West and then south east along the lake through Lakeview Beach, Osment Place, Shamus Shores and Maples (10 km total loop).


The three existing routes are shown here.  Click to enlarge.
A satellite map is here for reference. Click to enlarge.