Building and Permits

National Building Code Changes

In 2010 the Government of Canada adopted a new national building code and in Spring of 2013 the province of Saskatchewan has adopted the building code. This has forced the District of Katepwa Council to review the side yard setbacks. Council would like to make the current residents, new residents and potential residents that will be building in the District of Katepwa know that you are required not only to have the required 4 feet side yard that is in our current Zoning Bylaw but you will also be required to meet the National Building Codes.

This code dictates that the Side Yard must be:

  1. 8 Feet from the property line; or
  2. have a working sprinkler system with non-combustible siding and have a fire resistant rated wall;

Effective immediately the District Katepwa requires all applications to meet these standards.

Permit Information

Whether you are constructing a residence or garage on your land, renovating an existing building, operating a home based business or constructing a commercial building a number of permits may be required prior to beginning your project.

The first step in your project planning should be to review the information and links on this page as they will provide you with more information and the required application forms to be submitted.

Shoreline Work Permits

To acquire a permit to do shoreline work contact Adam Matichuk at 306 787-1319.

Prior to your start work associated with an Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit, a Conservation Officer must be notified at the Ministry of Environment in Fort Qu’Appelle – 306-332-3215.

Please go to

Development Permits

A development permit acknowledges the use of land or buildings and its compliance with the applicable Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw. In almost all cases an approved development permit is required before commencing any development or use of land in the District. If you begin development without the required approvals, the District has the ability under the Zoning Bylaw to issue a Stop Work order, or others means of enforcement.

Permitted Uses

These uses are intended to be appropriate for the Zoning District in which they are listed and not have major impacts on adjacent land uses. Therefore, District staff appointed as development officers approve these applications not the District Council. The development officer has the ability to approve, approve with conditions or refuse a permitted use application.

Discretionary uses

These uses may have one or more features or potential effects that warrant proposal specific review with a recommendation made to District Council. Discretionary use development permits are reviewed under a set of evaluation criteria included in the Zoning Bylaw.

Discretionary Use Application

Building Permits

A building permit is separate from a development permit. A building permit refers to building construction and compliance with the national Building Code and is governed by the District Building Bylaw.