Recreation – Fall Activities

Yoga with Kiana is likely different than most yoga classes you are used to. It is a combination of fast paced intense exercises and slower exercises. It includes strength, stretching, relaxation, breath work and mantra singing.

This yoga is intended to help you connect physically, emotionally and spiritually. Connect to your higher self, to Divine, to your inner children and to your physical body. To release stored toxins and emotions from your organs and body systems. As well as release harmful beliefs and patterns, ego, trauma and fear while connecting you to the Divine Masculine and Feminine within you. Connecting to your true authentic self, helping you find your inner power and sovereignty.

Although this is a group class it is very much an individual practice, helping you to go deep within. I am just a guide as you do the work yourself to clear your energetic body of what is blocking you and weighing you down from your true vitality and passions.

Yoga classes will be held at the Katewpa Lake Village Library

6 Sessions- October 1- November 5th from 5:45- 7:00pm Friday evenings

Register at or send an etransfer to